Timesheets must be signed by the authorised person and break to be taken as per trust/client policy if a break is not taken you must ensure this is signed off by an authorised signatory. The completed timesheet should be clearly readable and BLACK ink is to be used at all times.

Timesheets should be submitted on a weekly basis and deadline for submission is at 12.30pm every Tuesday after completing your timesheet, please return to Resuscitate. 

 ·   By Fax on 01908 228428

 ·   Via email to info@resuscitatelocums.co.uk

 ·    By Post to:

                     Resuscitate Medical Services

                     Unit 30, Walker Avenue

                     Stratford Office Villages, Wolverton Mill,

                     Milton Keynes

                     MK12 5TW

If you have any enquiries please call 01908 223336

Locum Doctors Timesheets can be downloaded here.