Compliance Process

Resuscitate has a fully trained compliance team dedicated to ensure all our doctors are compliant before being submitted for any job. They will ensure we receive CV, with three up to date references, Eligibility to work, DBS, Immunisation reports, Fitness to work, professional Certificates, Life Support Certificates, together with any other important documentation needed for the doctor to undertake the job.

Our specifically designed software is geared up  to highlight up to 3 months in advance when an expiry of any document will expire.  This enables our Compliance Team to ensure that nothing is missed and therefore no doctor can be submitted for any job or placed until we have all the relevant paperwork in place.

We take compliance seriously, so be rest assured you are working with an agency that has complied with the CCS framework for several years.     

For more information about Immunisations against infectious disease,please read The Green book