Appraisal and Revalidation Services


Resuscitate Medical Services Ltd has assigned Health Licensing Support (HLS)to provide appraisal, revalidation and Responsible Officer services to practising Doctors who have a prescribed connection with Resuscitate Medical Ltd. We also provide appraisal services to Doctors who do not have a prescribed connection to a designated body.   


Healthcare Licensing Support Ltd has 3 Responsible Officers. The Responsible Officer for Resuscitate Medical Services Ltd is Mr David Bowden.  He is a Consultant in A & E Medicine and has worked in the NHS for over 30 years.


All of appraisals done by HLS comply with professional standards (as laid out in providing a professional appraisal, Revalidation Support Team (RST)) and ensures steps are taken to ensure the objectivity of the appraisal.  Their appraisal process is quality assured and reflects the requirements as set out in the Framework for Quality Assurance policy released by NHS England on 1 April 2014. 

Healthcare Licensing Support Ltd appraisers are Consultants.  They are appointed on their suitability for the role and have key attributes and core skills including high standards of professional responsibility and good communication skills.  They provide peer review and career advice to Doctors as identified though appraisal.  They are top-up trained and are quality assured. They will also devise action plans for Doctors to assure the General Medical Council (GMC) that multiple deferrals are avoided.  Ultimately, our appraisals provide assurance to patients that the revalidation process is both rigorous and fair.  

HLS seek feedback about the Doctor following each appraisal to ensure that the quality of their appraisals is maintained.

Healthcare Licensing Support Ltd also provides in-house 360 degree feedback support in compliance with the GMC criteria.

HLS provide an out-of-hours service to Doctors to accommodate their job plans and their location if outside of the UK.

Clinical Governance and Confidentiality

HLS hold written protocols for the handling of information for appraisals and revalidation which complies with information governance, confidentiality and data protection requirements.

Quality Assurance

The whole appraisal process is quality assured by Healthcare Licensing Support Ltd against the Framework for Quality and Assurance that was issued by NHS England on 1 April 2014 and is based on lessons learnt and exemplary standards.

Healthcare Licensing Support Ltd is aware of the RO, the designated body and the Doctors' responsibility to ensure that appraisal and revalidation requirements are met.  They ensure this process by following the RO regulations and provide support to both the Doctor and the Designated Body. 

Mission Statement

Providing excellent customer service through a knowledge base that supports designated bodies and Doctors through the appraisal and revalidation process.

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